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Melville Elementary School, Portsmouth, RI                                                                     

Check out the Pattern Board

Patterning Throughout the Year

      Each month the children are exposed to a new Pattern.  They may begin patterning using colors, but as the year goes on they begin to see that colors are not the only things they can use to create and extend patterns.
      Using the manipulative of their choice, the children are allowed to create the patterns taught and pictures are taken of their work.
      Using a Rubric, each child will assess their work.  The children then stamp their pictures with the appropriate stamp (hot air balloon (above the standard), bunch of balloons (meets the standard) or one balloon (not meeting the standard).  They then place their pictures on the Pattern Board.  Each child may then choose to re-do their patterns at a later time in order to meet the standard or go beyond, and then their rubric assessment can be changed.  We are constantly revising.  The patterns here are listed by the month, and you can view some of the patterns directly by clicking on the AM or PM session.  The rubric is also available for others to use.

October -

AM        PM    
AM        PM
December -
AM          PM
AM        PM

Patterning Board

Assessment of Criteria (Patterns) 

After the children have created and extended their Pattern(s) using any manipulative of their choice I  take their pictures.  I then give them back their pictures and they place them on the Pattern Board depending on how they have assessed themselves.

Hot Air Balloons to the left 
Balloon Bunches
in the middle
One Balloon
to the right.

If they choose to redo their patterns at another time, I re-take their picture and we move it to the appropriate place on the board.  This way the children are constantly reevaluating and reassessing their work.

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