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Michele A. Polselli NBCT '06
Literacy Coordinator & Kindergarten Teacher
Melville Elementary School, Portsmouth, RI

Arthur wants you to play with him.

Is your child ready to learn to read?
Try this Getting Ready to Read
Screening to see if he/she is.
Click on the link below and  visit the
Family Education

Website to take the screening with your child.

en to some books read by
Robert Munsch.  Click on the picture and pull up a chair
and put your listening ears on for some listening fun!

Learn To Write
  You will Love This!!!
Practice Writing your letters right on the computer screen.  This is a fun site to help your child learn the formation of the upper case letters.

 Practice writing
using these printable pages.

Children's Storybook Online
also has some
interesting stories to read.

Pattern Block Fun

Bob The Builder


Make Curious George


Dolch Reading Books



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