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Michele A. Polselli's Kindergarten
Melville Elementary School, Portsmouth, RI


Discovery Homework Bags
These bags were created with the sole purpose of extending the Kindergarten Day.  We do not assess any of the work that the children do. We are hoping that the children will continue to do the same things at home that we are doing during the day.  Here is the initial letter to the parent that accompanies each bag.

Below  a list of the Homework Help Notes that were written to accompany each bag so that parents have an understanding about what they should do with their child each evening.

Homework Help

    The homework discover bag is simply a bag of the tools that we use everyday to help your child learn literacy and math skills.  Your child sees and uses the manipulatives (toys) in school every day.  The children are learning to sort, count and make graphs on their own.  Let them show you what they know.  If you are unsure of an activity, use the Comment button below to correspond.

    The following is a list of pictures and explanations of what you might want to do with your child for homework.  Please do as much or as little as your child is ready for.  All the children are learning at a different pace.  The activities are suggestions for working together.  You do not need to do all of the activities for each Discovery Pack. 

 The backpacks will go home for four days.  It will come home on Monday and is not due back until Thursday.  Your child may write in the Kid Writing journal every night he he/she wants to.  You should also share your comments in the Parent Journal.  If you are unsure of what to do with a bag, please look back at what other parents and their children did.  We can all learn from each other.











Kid Writing


Adult Writing





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