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Michele A. Polselli's Kindergarten
Melville Elementary School, Portsmouth, RI



 Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Help your child to help himself/herself

  1. Dressing himself/herself
  1. Putting on and taking off a sweater
  2.  Zipping and buttoning jackets and coats
  3. Putting on and tying shoes
  4. Putting on hats, gloves and boots
  1. Cleaning up after himself/herself
  1. Putting away toys and games
  2. Cleaning up after art projects
  3. Eating neatly and clearing his/her place
  4. Keeping track of his/her things

Teach him/her everything has its own place

  1. Clothes are hung up or put away
  2. Boots, caps, and gloves have a special place
  3. Kitchen things, tools, yard tools and a child’s tools all go in a different place

Basic Health

  1. Use good bathroom habits
  2. Wash hands
  3. Eat healthy snacks and a filling breakfast or lunch
  4. How to avoid spreading germs

Developing Skills


  1. Cutting, coloring, comparing, and sorting
  2. Printing first name
  3. Being courteous toward others


Overall Preparation

  1. Talk with your child and listen to him/her
  2. Read to him/her and ask questions
  3. Take him/her places to build his/her vocabulary and experiences
  4. Encourage him/her to play with other children
  5. Watch TV together

Encourage your child to "do for himself/herself" in the upcoming months.



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