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Literacy Coordinator & Kindergarten Teacher
Melville Elementary School, Portsmouth, RI

Kid Writing Crowns
The children wear these hats during a
Kid Writing session.  This way if any
child has any problem thinking of
how to spell the words or parts
of the words, the crowns are
available.  Also available is the
Blue Everyday Word Card Wall.
The child is able to go to the
Blue Wall at any time to retrieve any
word that he/she might need when
writing their sentences.

King of 'ing'

Star of 'Are'

'Me' crown

Hat of 'at'

Wiz of 'is'

Bat of 'at'

'I' crown
Blue Everyday Word Card  Wall
I gradually add the words as I introduce them throughout the year.  Scholastic has a set of books that introduce the words as well in their emergent reader sets.  As I introduce a new word, we read the books together, then I make copies to send home so that they practice seeing and reading the word in context with their parents.  We spend a whole week on each word, and everyday we write a sentence using the word.  Of course I model model model during writer's workshop and then independently they go off to kid write.  I am constantly walking around and helping them sound out unfamiliar words.  I also provide an alphabet strip so they have access to the letters if they forget what they look like.  Often times, when we make the sound of the letter together, they know the letter, they but don't always remember what it looks like.  I pass out the words from the word wall so that everyone has their own copy.  If they use other words from the wall, they may go and get them as needed.  Then they line the words up in front of them, read them back to me as a sentence, we talk about if the sentence makes sense, and if it does, then they copy and write.  It is a process but they get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Pretty soon, they don't come up for the words that they are using frequently in their sentences because they remember how to spell them on their own and I praise them for that and tell them how smart they are when they can write words without going to the blue board.  I hope these ideas help you to Kid Write with your kids. 

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