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Read the emails I have received from people who visited my websites!!!!

I love your website that refers to Animals 2 x 2","11-12-05","12:44:39 PM -0500" "RitaLaVoi", ""

"Thank you for sharing a remarkable website! I loved looking it over today. I could spend hours looking at your valuable information and ideas. One question: Do you have a site for a more recent list of leveled books. The Portland Schools site is wonderful, but I noticed it was dated 2001. I am looking for levels for newer books. Thank you for helping us all become better teachers!","26-12-05","06:55:47 AM -0500" "Kim Stanley", "

"Wow! How do you manage all this and a classroom too? I was looking for comprehension strategies and stumbled upon your website...what a treasure trove of ideas! Thank you, and get some rest! Kim Stanley","31-01-06","10:18:09 PM -0500" "Allison Dupler","

You have a wonderful website. Thank so much for sharing your Great Ideas!!!!"

Hi! I am a third grade teacher in a small Catholic school in PA. In looking for some great ideas for assessing balanced literacy, I came across "Planting a Literacy Garden". Then, I went to your whole website. It is FABULOUS!!! Your kindergarten must be super! You are an amazing teacher. I would like to ask our primary teachers to start off next year with the theme of the garden and comprehension strategies. Your lists of questioning words, etc. are fantastic. Tomorrow morning, I will be rushing into school to give your web address to others. Thank you, Michele! I will most likely contact you again to ask questions and tell you how we used your ideas for springboards.
MaryAnne Haffner
St. Andrew School
Waynesboro, PA

Hi, Michelle,
I am planning on presenting your rubrics to our kindergarten teachers during staff development on reading. I could not download the above rubrics. Do you have them? If so, could you attach them? I will share your web site with them so they can do some planning over the summer. It looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing all your hard work.
Language Arts Content Specialist
La Grange, Il

Hi Michelle,

You had helped me earlier by sharing your website info on the big idea- Thank you soo much...Now, i am writing up the PI part and it is 10 pages instead of 4--how did you attempt the exper/activies bullet? did you list all the activities for the whole unit or describ a few? I am so stumped now. well, good luck and thanks for your advice. I really like this web ring.

I teach K in NC..Janie

Hi There!

I am a third grade teacher and I was searching online for info RE: The Big Ideas in science and came upon your page. You have awesome info presented in a wonderful manner and I was wondering if you had the same/similar style of information for the Big Idea of Evolution and Equilibrium. I have been having a tough time finding info on this one.
WOW!! Thank you so much for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. The web sites you sent me look terrific. Oh my goodness! What a wealth of information. Your work is awesome. Thanks again! Valli :)

Thanks so much.
Valli Stauffer
Aurora, Ohio

Hi. I like your site. Keep up the good work!
Suzanne Navo

Ms. Polselli,
I really enjoyed your website,, especially the Planting A Literacy Garden PowerPoint.  I would like to show it at my next Reading Team Teacher strategy and planning meeting.  Could e-mail me a copy of the PowerPoint so that I can share these great ideas with the staff in my district.  Thank you so much for your assistance!
~A. Jane Ault

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