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Kid Writing Letter/Word Bags

This Zip-Lock bag is a very special bag. It is your childís Kid Writing Bag. I will send the bag home with your child on Tuesdayís. It is due back to the classroom the next day. If they forget it, then they may bring it in the next day. Students will concentrate on one word and letter per week. By the end of the year all letter sounds, thirty sight words, eight color words and ten number words will be introduced. Each student should learn the letter name, formation, sound and hopefully be able to read and utilize every word in a Kid Written sentence by the end of the year.

In the bag you will find 3 things:

1. A smaller zip lock bag containing the words we  focus on  during the week.  Keep this bag of words inside the larger bag. I will  add a new word to the bag weekly and your child will use the words to formulate  sentences.

2. The Letter  we are focusing on during the week.

3. A blank piece of paper to draw or glue a picture  representing the letter  and the new word in a Kid Written sentence.

    Each week when your child brings home his/her bag, he/she should represent the Letter of the Week by drawing a picture or cutting and gluing a picture from a magazine, book, family album etc., of something that begins with the letter. After completing the picture, your child should talk to you and formulate a kid sentence about his/her picture using one or more words from his/her word bag.

     In the beginning of the year when your child is learning to write, you may write the sentence for them. Make sure it is their words you write. Model by reading their sentence to them, pointing to each word as you read by placing your finger on each word as you read it.  Have him/her re-read their sentence using their finger to point to the words.  You might need to hold their hand at first. When they return to school they will share their paper with their class by reading their sentences aloud.

     Also provided is The Kid Writing rubric so you understand the important features of this activity. Your child may struggle at first but once they understand the process of Kid Writing, their sentences could become quite intricate. Allow them to formulate their own sentences.  If you tell them what to write, I promise you they will not be able to read it for their classmates.  When they do read to their classmates, their classmates will offer
3 stars and 1 wish to help them become better writers.

     Guide them by using correct grammar, but don't change their sentence drastically. For instance we will begin with the letter M and the word "me". (i.e.: I see a mouse on  my muffin or, I like my Mom). This activity is developmentally appropriate for each child because they progress at his/her own pace. If your child wants to copy your letters and write the sentence, this is perfectly acceptable at first. In the classroom they find  words on the Word Wall they use in their sentences. They bring a copy of the word to their seat to copy them. Use the words in the small bag by rearranging them on the table and allowing them to copy them. This is perfectly fine.  Use the Sound Me Out Poster to help them hear the sounds in the words they want to write.

     Click here to see some Helpful Kid Writing Strategies. The more practice they have using the words, the more familiar they will become using them in sentences.  Practice, practice and more practice.


Please note that I am hoping that all the children will meet the standard which is represented in the rubric by the Bunch of Balloons. Please praise them if they come home with this sticker. Only 2-4% of the population should be attaining a Hot Air Balloon and exceeding the Standards. This is Kindergarten and we are hoping that all the children will be successful and meet the standard. Please contact me if there is a problem with this activity at home.

Kid Writing Letter/Word Bag Rubric

Hot Air Balloon

Bunch of Balloons

One Balloon

Evaluation Wow, Exceptional!! Youíve Got It! Not Yet!
Verbal Presentation The Picture is presented without any assistance from the teacher. No teacher prompts are needed. Full sentences are read independently and the child is aware of who their audience is. The picture is presented well and the Letter Name and sound is represented. Teacher prompts are present and questions are answered. After January, the student will read their sentence independently. The Kid Writing Bag is present; however the student is unsure of the reason why the picture is presented. The student doesnít know the Letter name or use the word.
Information The student has some additional information about the picture/pictures. The student expands more upon what their picture/pictures represent. Information gathered from other sources is evident. General details about the picture and one word descriptions about the picture are evident. The information about the picture is jumbled and disconnected. The student isnít sure of why they drew their picture. The student isnít sure of the Letter name or the word
Graphics Student went beyond requirements and supplied more than one graphic and sentence to represent the Letter and used more than one word from the bag. The student presents 1 picture to represent the Letter of the week. The picture was missing the graphic representing the Letter.
Kid Writing The child wrote their sentence independently, without any adult writing. Proper punctuation (capitals and periods) and spelling are present along with upper and lower case letters properly placed. One adult written sentence is present in the picture. Punctuation and proper placement of upper and lower case letters is not developed as of yet. After January, 1(one) Kid Written sentence must be evident No Adult or Kid Writing is evident in their presentation

If you have any questions about these bags please donít hesitate to call or email me.

Thank you and I am looking forward to some wonderful Kid Writing!

Please share your comments.  If you are using this rubric to asses your
students skills please use my comment form to provide feedback.

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